year Event
Officially listed on Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) on May 14th.
Successfully developed CVT planetary gear sets for a world-renowned Belgian transmission systems company for the Asian market.
Received Best Supplier Award from Punch Powertrain
Introduced Flexible Manufacturing System for satisfying varied production needs.
1).Successfully developed CVT pump sets for a world-renowned Belgian transmission systems company
2).Started volume production for GM
Obtained Supplier Excellence Award from BorgWarner Transmission Systems and passed GM supplier evaluation
Obtained Successful Product Launch Award from BorgWarner Transmission Systems

1).Obtained ISO 16949 certification from BSI

2). Invested in Wuxi Tsang Yow Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
3).Commenced trading as emerging stock on OTC market

Obtained ISO 14001 certification from BSI and ISO 17025/CNLA certification from TAF
Received Innovation Research Award for sheet metal spline forming technology from Small and Medium Enterprise Administration,Ministry of Economic Affaires,Taiwan
Acquired supplier certification from Ministry of National Ministry Defense-military procurement unit
Obtained QS-9000 certification from Entela,Inc.
1). Obtained ISO-9002 certification from Entela,Inc.
2). Collaborated with Metal Industries Research & Development Centre Taiwan (MIRDC) on plasma and laser welding technology.
Purchased CNC machine center for high precision milling process
Successfully launched production of heavy duty clutch casting covers .
Increased product variety from machining spare parts to producing hydraulic pump units
Expanded production lines for manufacturing automatic transmission components and heavy duty clutch parts
Initiated fabrication and sales of torque converter parts.
Establishment of Tsang Yow Industrial Co.,LTD.


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Innovation Research Award